Q?What is TabApp™ Elite?

For ages 8 and up, TabApp™ Elite takes players on a heroic adventure, unleashing powers of legendary super heroes right on their iPad© or Android device! Heroes are invited to play their way, choosing from a selection of widely popular DC Comics Super Heroes, variety of play styles, 3D isometric maps and more!

Q?Where can I download TabApp™ Elite?

Download TabApp Elite™ free for iPad from the App StoreSM.
Download TabApp Elite™ free for Android tablet devices from the Google Play™ store.

Q?Which tablet devices are compatible with Tabapp™ Elite?

TabApp™ Elite is compatible with iPad iOS 6.0 or higher and select Android devices OS 4.1 or higher.

Q?Are my TabApp™ Elite ally or villain figures compatible with the ClixStation?

No. TabApp™ Elite ally or villain figures (available in Booster Packs) are not compatible on the ClixStation and should be used directly on your device. These figures use conductive technology for figure recognition.

Q?Are my original HeroClix TabApp™ figures compatible on the ClixStation?

No, original HeroClix TabApp™ figures are not compatible on the ClixStation.

Q?Can I swap figures during play?

Yes. This Combat Dial™ symbol indicates that you can swap a figure or change play styles:

When you see this symbol
appear in game, you can simply tap to move your figure onto it to activate it.

Q?How can I redeem my free HeroClix Online code?

All TabApp™ Elite Starter and Booster Packs come with free codes for each pack’s figures in HeroClix Online. Follow these instructions to redeem your code in HeroClix Online:

1. Launch HeroClix Online and log into your game account (or visit www.hco.heroclix.com/user to create an account)

2. Click the “Redeem Key” button on the Welcome screen

3. Enter your Starter Pack key exactly as it appears on the flier

4. Click “Submit”

Q?Troubleshooting : Help! My tablet is not recognizing my TabApp™ Elite figure

1. Be sure your ClixStation is at least three inches, but no more than 18 inches from your tablet device. For best communication with your tablet, face the front of your ClixStation towards your tablet microphone.

2. Place your figure on, or check that your figure is securely in place on, the ClixStation. Insert figure on ClixStation with arrows aligned. Hold your figure by the touch tabs on it’s base and rotate slightly clockwise until it “clicks” in place. Arrow on Combat Dial should match up with the line on the ClixStation. Your ClixStation will make a sound alerting you that your figure is in place.

3. Wait at least 5 seconds for your tablet device to recognize your figure.

Note: A flashing red light and no sound effect from the ClixStation indicate your figure was not properly read. If this happens, remove your figure from the ClixStation and repeat steps 1-4.

Q?Help! My tablet is not recognizing my TabApp™ Elite Ally or Villain figure

The app will prompt you when it’s ready for you to place your TabApp™ Elite Ally or Villain figure on your device.

To activate an Ally or Villain figure, follow the prompts when entering the game by placing your Ally figure directly on your mobile device. When you see this symbol
you can place your ally directly on your mobile device:

Q?Help! I’ve having trouble downloading the app for my tablet

1. Check that you are using a compatible device

2. Check that your tablet has the latest updates necessary to run TabApp™ Elite

3. Check that your device is connected to wireless

Q?How to Contact Us:

For further information and/or technical inquiries, please contact our customer service team at tabappsupport@mfv.com.

To better serve you, for technical support inquires please indicate your device type and model, the TabApp™ Elite version you are running and any specific details of your difficulty in your correspondence. Thank you!